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The contents of this website, both written and illustrative are the property of
Krista Kniker and cannot be reprinted or downloaded without written permission.
Q.  Big Finish recently produced The Final Judgment starring you and Kathryn Leigh Scott where Angelique is placed on trial for her past deeds with Josette as her prosecutor.  Did either you or Kathryn have any input on the storyline or character treatment and did you enjoy the duel between these two women?

LARA:  It was actually my idea! I am good friends with Debbie Smith, the author, and I told her I would love to do a real knock down drag out fight between Josette and Angelique where both told the truth about their feelings.  The Final Judgment was what she came up with. I enjoyed doing it, but it may have been a little unfair to Josette in the end.

Q.  At the festivals you have said that your third Dark Shadows book will feature a flashback with Elizabeth as a flapper in the 20s and perhaps a romance with Quentin. Do you plan to have Angelique as a key character in your third book?

LARA: At this point, Angelique is not in the book at all. But Jacqueline is her reincarnation, 15 years old and in love with David.

Q.  In the upcoming Johnny Depp Dark Shadows movie, audiences will possibly only get a glimpse of the character of Angelique in a movie lasting two hours or less. Based on this, how do you think your former character can be best portrayed as the multi-dimensional Angelique you created?

LARA:  There may be a lot more than a glimpse of Angelique. She's an important character in the love triangle.  The key to her character is to make her sympathetic, not just sexy and evil. She's a woman wronged, so she has two levels: she longs to be loved and to be the grand lady of Collinwood. It's important for the audience to believe she could be that, if only Barnabas loved her. So she can't be cheap or vicious. She's very intelligent.

Q.  You have a wonderful voice for audio. Have you ever considered doing more of it professionally? I love the Big Finish series and the audio versions of Angelique’s Descent and Bugs and Critters I Have Known.  Are there any plans to record Salem’s Branch and release it in an audio format?
LARA:  Not at this time.   
Q.  Now that Jonathan Frid has taken the plunge by recording his first audio drama with Big Finish, are there any plans to work with Jonathan on an upcoming episode?   If so, do you have any storyline ideas you'd like to do with him?

LARA:  I would love to work with him again, but he likes to stay home in Canada.  It is hard to make it happen.

Q.  I am a writer interested in horror fiction and read somewhere that you once taught a brief course in writing horror fiction a few years ago in New York. Are there any tips or notes from that course that you could pass on with regard to writing in this genre?

LARA:  Very long answer, too long to answer here.  Just don't be too gruesome.  Horror lies in the reader's or the viewer's imagination. If you show too much, it becomes boring. The sound of footsteps down the corridor is scarier than the corpse with the eyeballs hanging out.

Q.  If you were offered a cameo appearance in the Johnny Depp Dark Shadows movie, what kind of character would you like to play and why?

LARA:   Old bag lady on a bench in New York City feeding the pigeons.

Q. What is your favorite DS episode with Jonathan Frid?

LARA:  The episode before the episode where he shoots me. He knows I am a witch. We have a terrific argument. {DVD Collection #5-disc #4, Episode #403}
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