Lara Parker with Krista Conaway Kniker and her daughter, Alexis Kniker, at the 2008 Dark Shadows Festival--still as excited as ever!

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Excited young fan club president, 18-year-old Krista Conaway, with Lara Parker at the very first Dark Shadows festival.
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Angelique's Descent Goes Global!
Lara's first book, Angelique's Descent has now been translated and published in six languages:  The French paperback, La Malediction D'Angelique (The Curse of Angelique) from Michel Lafon; A British e-book from Canvas Publishing; An Italian hardback, La Maledizione di Angelique (The Curse of Angelique) from Tre60; A Polish paperback, Mroczne Cienie: Narodziny Angelique (Gloomy Shadows: Birth of Angelique); A Brazilian paperback, Sombras da Noite: A Queda de Angelique (Shadows of the Night: The Fall of Angelique); And lastly, a Hungarian paperback, Angelique Hagyatéka (Angelique's Inheritance).

Lara's feelings:  "I'm thrilled they have translated the text, all 428 pages, and sent the book off to find new fans! This is all part of the Dark Shadows legacy."

Cameo Appearance by Lara in Depp Movie:
Lara along with former cast mates, Jonathan Frid, David Selby and Kathryn L. Scott have a very small camero appearance with Johnny Depp as they enter Collinwood at a party.  Lara and KLS are seen on either side of Jonthan Frid coming in the door with David Selby following. Lara is also seen in the background in a shot of Michelle Pfeiffer holding a cocktail standing next to David Selby. Look closely. 

Night of Dark Shadows re-release:  UPDATE
MPI plans to release House and Night of Dark Shadows on October 2, 2012. Not 2013 as recently reported. This latest DVD and Bluray versions will apparently NOT include scenes that were originally cut from NODS as originally promised. Please see Dark Shadows Journal Online to view covers of both NODS & HODS. Note: No Lara pictured on NODS cover at all! :-(  

Dark Shadows Journal Online