Hi, Mom! (1970)
Robert DiNero, Lara Parker 

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Race with the Devil (1975)
Peter Fonda, Warren Oats
Lara Parker, Loretta Swit
Save the Tiger (1973)
Jack Lemon, Jack Guilford
Lara Parker, Thayer David 
Night of Dark Shadows (1971)
David Selby, Kate Jackson, Lara Parker
John Karlen, Nancy Barrett, Grayson Hall

Currently available only on VHS, but rumored to be released on DVD in conjuction with the forthcoming Johnny Depp Dark Shadows film, and that it will include restored footage which includes some incredible scenes with Lara Parker and David Selby.
Dark Shadows: The Salem Branch
By Lara Parker

Autographed copies available on Lara's website and Amazon.com.
Films on DVD
Angelique's Descent
By Lara Parker

A two-part, four-CD recording of Lara performing an abridged version of her currently out of print first novel. 

Autographed copies of this beautifully produced performance, produced by Big Finish Productions, are available on Lara's website, Amazon.com, Big Finish Productions, and through the Dark Shadows festival. 
The Legend Reborn
Big Finish Productions

Reprising their original Dark Shadows characters in exciting new audio episodes from Big Finish Productions, Lara teams up with cast member David Selby in The Path of Fate and The Skin Walkers, with John Karlen in Echoes of Insanity, and with Kathryn Leigh Scott in Final Judgement.  
Bugs & Critters I Have Known
By Ann Heiskell Rickey 
An amazing little book of thought-provoking poetry for children written by Lara Parker's mother and published by Lara's own Old Canyon Press. 
Bugs & Critters I Have Known
By Ann Heiskell Rickey 
Lara Parker's award-winning reading of the amazing little book of thought-provoking poetry for children written by her mother and originally published by Lara's own Old Canyon Press. 
Books on CD
Audio Series on CD
Article Archive
TV Guest Appearances on DVD
Season 1, "Sex Education"
Season 5,  "One of Those Days"

Fall Guy
Season 1, "The Fall Guy"

Hawaii Five-O
Season 1, "A Bird in the Hand"

Incredible Hulk
The Pilot
"The Psychic"
"Married,  Part 1"
"Married,  Part 2"
"Interview with the Hulk 1978-81
Lara appears uncredited as Laura Banner.
Remington Steele
Season 2, "Steele Threads"

Rockford Files
Season 1, "Sleight of Hand"
Also available thru Wii

Six Million Dollar Man
Season 2, "Deadly Replay"

"Steele-Plated Security Blanket"
Season 1, "Dark Sunday"

Kolchak: The Night Stalker
"Trevi Collection"
Kung Fu
Season 1, "King of The Mountain"

Season 1, "Manimal"

Police Woman
Season 1, "Sidewinder" 

Qunicy, M.E.
Season 2, "Double Death" 
"Angelique Steps Out of the Shadows", Dan Mazur's interview with Lara Parker in the Topanga Messenger (September, 2006) following the publication of Dark Shadows: The Salem Branch.
Reproduced here with permission of the Topanga Messenger.

Foxfire Light (1982)
Rachel Parmelee

Race with the Devil (1975)
Kelly Marsh

Save the Tiger (1973)

Night of Dark Shadows (1971)
Angelique Collins

Hi, Mom! (1970)
Jeannie Mitchell

April in the Wind (1970)
Career Professional Credits
Books may be ordered directly from Lara Parker's website at www.laraparker.com.
Books may be ordered directly from Lara Parker's website at www.laraparker.com.
Quincy, M.E., "Sullied Be Thy Name", Angela Desskasa's Secretary
Switch, "Go For Broke", Tonya Mason
Switch, "Eye Witness", Shirley Harris
The Incredible Hulk (Archive Footage)
Laura Banner
"Interview with the Hulk"
"The Psychic"
"Married, Part I"
"Married, Part 2"
Washington Behind closed Doors (Mini Series)
Wanda Elliott

Alice, "Sex Education"
Mrs. Randolph
Kojak, "Out of the Shadows"
Jenny Villers
Switch, "Case of the Purloined Case"
Esther Kelly
Stranded (TV Movie)
Crystal Norton
City of Angels, "The House on Orange Grove Avenue"
Eunice Wheeler
Doctors Hospital, "And Hear A Sudden Cry"
Angela Sloane

Emergency!!, "One of Those Days”
Betty Grinnell
Mobile One, "The Informant"
S.W.A.T, "The Steel-Plated Security Blanket"
Adventures of the Queen (TV Movie)
Kolchak: The Night Stalker, "The Trevi Collection”
Rockford Files, "Sleight of Hand"
Diana Lewis
Police Woman, "Sideinder"
Lucas Tanner, "Bonus Baby" 
Dr. Bruner

Six Million Dollar Man, "The Deadly Replay"
Andrea Collins
The Chadwick Family (TV Movie)
Eileen Chadwick Hawthorne
Owen Marshall, Counselor-at-Law, "Etude for a Kidnapper
Terry Harris

Kojak, "Dark Sunday", Maria Cranston
My Darling Daughters' Anniversary (TV Movie)
Medical Center, "The Guilty"

Kung Fu, "King of the Mountain"
Amy Allender

NYPD, "The Love Hustle"

Dark Shadows
Angelique, Catherine, Alexis, Valerie, Miranda, Cassandra

Soap Talk (July 15, 2002)

50 Years of Soaps: An All-Star Celebration

P.S.  I Love You, "What's Up Bugsy"

People Like Us (Unknown episode)
China Lake Murders
Helene Harrelson

The Highwayman, "Warzone"
Dr. Terwishe

Highway to Heaven, "Playing for Keeps"
Margo Stevens

One Life to Live (Soap)
Carol Phipps
Capitol (Unknown episode)
Linda Vandenburg  

Remington Steele, "Steele Threads"
Lila Colbert
Manimal, (Unknown episode)

A New Day in Eden (Cable Serial), Episode #1
Betty Franklin

Jessica Novak (TV Series), (Unknown episodes)
Katie Robbins
The Fall Guy, "Fall Guy, Part I"
Attractive Lady

Desperate Voyage (TV Movie)
Galactica 1980: Conquest of the Earth
Hagen, "Trauma"
Mrs. Columbo, “Love, on Instant  Replay”
Hawaii 5-0, "A Bird in Hand"
Angie Walker
Once Upon a Family (TV Movie)
Maggie Conway
Barnaby Jones, "The Price of Anger”
Christine Lennox

Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo, "The Senator Votes Absentee"
The Solitary Man (TV Movie)
Lisa Tobin
Lazarus Syndrome (Pilot)
Sword of Justice, "Blackjack”

Hawaii 5-0, "The Big Aloha"
Julie Kincaid Trahune
QUINCY, M.E. , "Double Death"
Angie Wilson
BARETTA, "The Stone Conspiracy"
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Article about the making of the TV movie. 

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